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Why I Think The Emphasis On "Strategy" Is So Misplaced

This is a recurring theme that's come up in people reaching out to me via DM. I'm getting asked a LOT about my 'strategy' and getting requests to review your strategies / trading plans, so I thought I'd bang out a post here as a sort of catch-all. It got to the point where I was copy / pasting the same reply to a number of people.
Strategy is really important. You definitely need a cohesive strategy or set of strategies that help determine what gets you in and out of trades. I personally run a mechanical trend-following system in addition to my discretionary style of trading. Even my discretionary style of trading however, is viewed through a framework that gives me consistent structure to follow on trade after trade.
Now that I've gotten that point out of the way, here is my next statement:* Strategy is COMPLETELY USELESS without having a thorough and expert understanding of the markets in the first place*
Here's my analogy: let's say you really want to get into the fast food business. Now let's say you're fairly smart and you realize that your best chances for success are to buy into an established franchise (McDonald's, Taco Bell, KFC, whatever). Now here's the kicker, who do you think is more likely to succeed at running this franchise? Someone who has worked within the industry their entire lives and knows it inside and out, versus someone with no industry experience. Okay, okay, that question is completely rhetorical; it's obvious who has the edge here.
Trading is no different, and it's why buying a course or finding a guru has let so many of you down so many times before. You're trying to follow an established plan (one that has in fact quite possibly brought success to whomever is selling you their wisdom), but without an expert understanding of the industry you are participating in.
If you reject my premise that knowing your shit when it comes to the macro side of things is important, that's fine. Let's take what seems to be the dominant retail route of pure technical analysis. If you don't know technical analysis inside and out, you are not setting yourself up for success when you buy a course (or even read through a free one like BabyPips). After doing a rough search for Forex courses, I haven't found any technical ones (maybe apart from Adam Grimes. I like Adam; don't know the guy personally, but know of him through colleagues) that actually teach you about technical analysis and not just are feeding you a strategy.
My entire point here is that if you don't engage with the nuts and bolts of the arena in which you're competing, you are at an inherent disadvantage. For example, I've talked to a trader that had Stochastics, RSI, AND MACD on their chart. What is the point of having 3 momentum indicators apart from enjoying a gratuitous circle jerk of redundant 'confirmation'? But this trader didn't know the math behind the indicators, what makes them similar and different, how they can be applied. If they did, then maybe they could have explained in greater detail how having those 3 gives them a defined edge.
My favourite example of a trader who 'knows their shit' is Thomas Bulkwoski. I don't like his style, but you can't deny he has done his homework. He has dived so deep into chart patterns that from memory he can quote you various failure points and success rates for individual patterns. He has meticulously studied what works and what doesn't, and can explain the WHY behind all of that.
If you don't know your shit, you will eat shit. So know your shit! Once you know your shit, then it becomes far easier to strategize.
End of rant :)
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Best Trading Plans Are Built Around Anticipation

Best Trading Plans Are Built Around Anticipation
Best Trading Plans Are Built Around Anticipation

INTRODUCTION Practicing and following some strategies can earn you money through trading. It is quite easy to recognise an experienced or a professional trader by the way they trade. Wait patiently for a better trading opportunity even for weeks together is one of the virtues of a professional trader. Trading can be a form of gambling, so professional traders handle it with intelligence and some tricks. They make sure not to get addicted to the market by avoiding trading all the time. Gathering knowledge by carefully analysing the market instead of indulging in trader is what make them professionals.
WHO IS A WINNING OR A LOSING TRADER The person who is addicted to trading is probably the one who losses the trade. Frequent trades are executed to overcome these recurring losses by the trader. A trader who is motivated by emotions rather than anticipation is heading towards addiction. On the contrary, a professional trader knows how to handle his emotions and trade sensibly. Whatever the market conditions are, the one who doesn't get carried away by emotions can only be a successful trader. Anticipation is an essential talent to mature as a skilful and professional trader.
PREPARATION Prepare yourself for the trade without any doubts and with a clear mindset that will pay you off. Evaluate yourself and get to know where you lack. Be mentally prepared, set a perfect entry, form strategies, set your stop loss, set risk levels, set perfect exists.
MAPPING THE CURRENT MARKET The one way of anticipating your trade would be advanced mapping. What precisely you are doing is getting a broader picture of the weekly trend well in advance. Performing daily and weekly charts analysis will help the trader understand the market situation in a better way. Most of the professional traders follow the same modus operandi thus it is recommended for all those you want to be successful traders.
DISCOVER THE ENTRY POINTS TO MARK FOR Since an entry is more important than anything, review the charts that you have already recorded, each time you traded. Noticing the pattern will make it easy for you to pick a perfect trade entry. When you observe an entry triggers in an area that you have earlier mapped in the charts, you can rest assure to execute the trade without any doubts.
RISK MANAGEMENT While trading a trader is risking his hard earned money, so it is necessary to dedicate significant time to analyse the risk involved and manage it efficiently. Assessing the risk involved, identifying it and managing or moulding the trading strategy a trader will be able to make appropriate decisions and execute the trade. Following other traders might not help all the time, self-belief and calculated risk management will mould you as a better and safe trader.
CONCLUSION To become an anticipatory trader might not be easy can take several years to become one, but creating and following a routine will help. Practice the above stated “Methods to build a trading plan on anticipation” regularly and upgrade your trading skills in the market.
Try our options trading platform which is one of the fastest, most reliable, and most secure trading platforms for currency options trading in the forex market.
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